Keep it Kaimukī

Nestled on the slopes of Diamond Head, Kaimukī is more than just a neighborhood; it's a vibrant community with a rich history and a heart as warm as the island sun. Here at Keep it Kaimukī, we're a grassroots movement committed to preserving and promoting our community of unique, locally-owned businesses that give our neighborhood its distinct charm. Join us in our journey to celebrate Kaimukī, its entrepreneurial spirit, and the 'ohana we're all a part of.

Shop Kaimukī: Wear Your Community Pride

There's no better way to show your love for Kaimukī than by sporting our exclusive range of merchandise. Our thoughtfully designed items, from trendy t-shirts and hats to unique stickers and totes, reflect the charm of Kaimukī and the aloha spirit we hold dear. Each purchase doesn't just add to your collection, it directly supports the local businesses that define our community. It's more than merchandise - it's a tangible connection to our beloved neighborhood.

Meet Our Kaimukī 'Ohana: Our Vibrant Local Businesses

Kaimukī is home to a diverse range of local businesses, each one adding its unique flavor to the rich tapestry of our community. From the bustling pet store, filled with island-inspired goodies for our furry friends, to the family-owned eatery serving up local comfort food, and the artisan who crafts with aloha - they are the heart of Kaimukī. Explore their stories, support their growth, and join us in celebrating these businesses that make Kaimukī, well, Kaimukī. They're not just businesses, they're our 'ohana, and we couldn't be prouder.

3650 Waialae
Ami + Mei
Atelier 1223 at Montsuki
Art Flow Studio
Bead It! Hawaii
BeautiGoddess Studio
Brew’d Craft Pub
Brick Fire Tavern
Calvin & Susie
Champs Hawaii
Chubbies Burgers
City Mill
Colour Lounge
da Shop: books + curiosities
Daily Whisk Matcha
Everyday Better by Green Meadows
Fatto a Mano
Goodwill Hawaii
Hawaii Dance Bomb
House of Intention
Iyengar Yoga Silent Dance Center
Kaimuki Auto Repair
Kaimuki Shokudo
Keep it Simple Honolulu

Koko Head Cafe
Mottainai Hawaii
Moke’s Bread and Breakfast
Mud Hen Water
Little Vessels Donut Co.
Local I’a
Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery
Popoki + Tea
Pua Hana
Red Pineapple
Salon 96816
Ten Tomorrow
The Calico Cat
The Local General Store
The Public Pet
Tight Tacos Kaimuki
Via Gelato
Winam Studio
Yoga Room Hawaii
Yoga Under the Palms