Kaimukī: The Chill Side of Town

Kaimukī is a historic town located on the eastern side of Honolulu. Best known for its amazing restaurants and local shops. Come explore our neighborhood and enjoy what this side of town has to offer.

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Kaimuki is one of the oldest residential communities on Oahu. Stretching from Kapahulu to Kahala, this vibrant neighborhood is home to some of the best eateries and small shops on the island. Kaimuki has managed to keep it's small town charm over 100 years later. Young entrepreneurs mingle with historic shops creating a seamless timeline of rich history.

Kaimukī Goods

Kaimukī Eats

Support your local eateries

Kaimuki has some of the best local restaurants on Oahu. From Vietnamese to fine dining, Kaimuki really has something for everyone's taste.

Kaimukī Style

Shopping local is important

Small businesses are the heart of our community. Each time you shop local, you support more than just a shop or a restaurant, you are supporting a family. And that family extends out deep into the community. This holiday season it is more important than ever to shop small to help to keep all the small shops and restaurants that you love around for more holiday seasons to come.